State-of-the-art innovations,

at the frontier of information technology.


to carry out information technology research in the field of health and healthcare information systems,

to make improvements to the IT background of healthcare information systems,

respectively, to provide IT services related to such developments primarily to healthcare providers.

After the initial investment period, the company's scope of activity was expanded in the development and research of
mass data gathering, processing and analysis.

The main activity of our company is researching healthcare standards, protocols, data management and processing techniques, that allows the special healthcare sector to use of software and databases with permeable integration and analysis.

Besides our world leading edge innovative developments, we consider it as our vocation to constantly participate in the improvement and training of the research competences of young computer scientists, IT students and medical students.

Cooperating with MTA SZTAKI and MIND Campus Nonprofit Research Ltd., we consider our main research objective and assignment to create and unify the IT interconnections between Hungarian healthcare institutions, and to provide IT support and solutions for this project.